January 27, 2011


Four new maps coming to Call of Duty. Due to exclusivity, Xbox gets ‘em first on 2/1. I’m guessing PS3 will get the DLC about 6 weeks later.

August 28, 2007



Someecards has to have some of the best ecards ever.   Perfect little slogans for the social deviant in all of us.

When your tired of sending the same lame ecards, give Someecards a try.

Some of the better greetings:

August 27, 2007

Comment -,2933,293920,00.html

Back in 2005, there was a little bug in the online game World of Warcraft.   In a higher level battle in the Zul’Gurub dungeon instance, the boss Hakkar casted a “Corrupted Blood” spell.  The spell dealt substantial damage over time, intended for higher level characters in battle.

Due to a glitch in Blizzard’s code, “Corrupted Blood” was carried outside of the dungeon, through players’ pets.  If these pets were infected and in one of World of Warcraft’s major cities, anyone in a close proximity became infected.  It was pretty much an “instant-kill” with lower level characters. 

A group of infectious disease researchers have researched this in-game pandemic, and will be publishing a study in the Lancet Infectious Disease Journal in September.  They studied how Blizzard tried to quarantine the bug, the players that acted as “disease” carriers, and the “stupid” factor – the curious that had see what was going on.  

Information gathered from this WOW bug, will be used to further study the impact of real world infectious diseases. 

Fox News has the full story:,2933,293920,00.html  

August 26, 2007


Now this is a great idea. USB Cell is AA batteries that you can charge though a USB port.


This would be great while traveling. I have forgotten my camera charger number of times.

Two AA batteries are about $16.00 and AAA batteries available soon.

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August 12, 2007


river game

Try this flash “brain tease” game. Eight people have to get across the river. A family, a cop and and a convict. Two people can cross at a time, but there are a few rules about who can go where. Took me a while (a long while) to figure it out.

Try your intelligence:

July 31, 2007


I’m lazy, I’m so lazy I even try to avoid using my own mouse. Keeping my hands on the keyboard, I don’t have to add all that moving from keyboard to mouse… mouse to keyboard. What I try to do is find a quick keyboard shortcut to do everything I need. Doing my part to keep that excess motion down. :)

If you do a little bit of research, most programs support some type of keyboard shortcut. Whether it is the basic copy and paste or printing, most things that you can do with a mouse you can do from your keyboard.

July 31, 2007



With Meebo, no matter which instant messenger you want to use, you can have them working together. Meebo works though a web browser, connecting to AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, and MSN. No additional software to install.

You can have multiple chat windows open within one web browser. Great webapp, especially when you don’t want to install multiple clients.